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Crooked Finger
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My name is Jonny. I like to write, read, listen to music and photography. I have been a Christian since 1970. I am married with three grown children. All three of our children are married. We have eight grandchildren. I am a avid collector of books and music. I like to do nothing. I like to think of myself as a contemplative Christian.

"For if I preach the gospel, I have nothing to boast of, for necessity is laid upon me; yes, woe is me if I do not preach the gospel." 1 Corinth. 9:16

"18. Work from pithy middle eye out, swimming in language sea." Jack Kerouac

"it managed to incorporate the techniques of modernist fiction-a near absence of plot, an introspective hero, a calculated disruption of narrative-without surrendering its originality" pg. 129 "Bellow: A Biography" by James Atlas

My journal is a critique of Western civilization.

"John Banville's 2005 winner The Sea, to name one particularly egregious example, clearly engages with Beckett's preoccupation with the human compulsion to keep communicating throughout the experience of bodily decay, but transposes this concern from the fractured, repetitive, non-sequiturial structures of a novel like The Unnameable to a stylistic idiom more amenable to holiday readers."

"One must tear them away from the reality to which they have become accustomed and cause them them to see everything new. Their uneasiness will force them to seek solutions and then turn to a teacher. . . but one has to do everything, one has to create a situation that threatens them. . .
This is correct. For knowledge whatever it is worth, from the most precise mathematics to the darkest suggestions of art, is not to calm the soul but to create a state of vibration and tension in it." Gombrowicz "Diary" pg. 123

"a witness against the blindness of modern society"

"a philosophical and prophetic exposition of disappointment with the American Dream"

"a place from which to launch guerrilla raids upon the bourgeois establishment"

"doing what Emerson suggested: capturing the world as it might be seen from one point of view"

"a primal howl of a torn soul"

"the solution, he now saw, was to abandon the logic of argument altogether and follow the great modernists in building instead a loosely constellated associative structure from which an unstated central thesis might be allowed to emerge as a strong cumulative pattern or sense"

"to objectify through language a created consciousness"

"every individual is possessed with great knowledge in his soul, and it is a matter of recollecting this knowledge"

"a really amazing metalfiction-meets-nonfiction novel"

"we have all internalized the Romantic stereotype of the solitary, suffering genius"

"attempt to capture the disorienting melange of media overkill, global awareness, hyperconsumerism, and sensory overload that makes up postmodern life"

"a sustained critique of institutionalized interpretation of sacred texts, canonical works of literature, and even social conventions"

"the contingent rational order immanent throughout the universe of visible and invisible reality created by God"

"a holy existence could be transformed into a powerful literary form"

"the only New Left magazine that could penetrate middle-class households"

"the blessings and curses of the modern self in its quest for intellectual coherence and moral significance"

"a towering monument of primal avant-deathnoise"

"how to render the immediacy of subjective reality in a language that is "bound up with a society and a history attaching to that society"

"an anarchist critique on the ugliness of modern life"

"the flow of rhetoric reaches the precipice of the sublime, and topples over into hysteria, anguish, dread"

"It was the world that was different, not he, and he resolutely refused to go along with it"

"a nihilistic critique of the American Dream"

"has crafted an evocative diary that moves at the loping pace of a space cowboy caravan crossing the dunes of Mars"

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19th cent. american literature, agalloch, allen ginsberg, american church history, american transcendentalism, apophatic theology, arab strap, art, ash borer, autechre, bardo pond, bell witch, bird watching, black dice, black metal, bob dylan, bob mould, books, bookstores, boris, built to spill, chelsea wolfe, christian mysticism, christian spirituality, church history, cloud nothings, contemplation, covenant theology, crooked fingers, cruciform love, denis johnson, dionysius the areopagite, dreaming, emily dickinson, emptiness, eschatology, eternal life, frank black, george eliot, grave miasma, growing old, guided by voices, gustave flaubert, haruki murakami, heaven, hell, henry david thoreau, henry james, henry miller, holiness, jack kerouac, james joyce, john calvin, john of the cross, john ruusbroec, john updike, kazuo ishiguro, libraries, life, lightning bolt, love making, machine head, marcel proust, marriage, meshuggah, michael gira, monks, music, mystery, native americans, new birth, new covenant theology, new testament, new testament theology, nick cave, nietzsche, old man gloom, old testament theology, pain, paul weller, pauline theology, pavement, pearl jam, poetry, postmoderism, prurient, psychedelic drugs, puritan theology, ralph waldo emerson, reading, reformed theology, richard russo, robert stone, ryan adams, saul bellow, sebadoh, silence, simplicity, sleater-kinney, sonic youth, spiritual ecstasy, starflyer 59, sunn o))), superchunk, t. coraghessan boyle, teresa of avila, the 60's, the afghan whigs, the angels of light, the beats, the bible, the blue nile, the cloud of unknowing, the contemplative life, the jam, the lord jesus christ, the old testament, the ominous circle, the swans, the twilight singers, thomas merton, thou, thurston moore, time, tom waits, ty segall, ulcerate, vampires, virginia woolf, vladimir nabokov, will self, william burroughs, william t. vollmann, wolf eyes, wovenhand, wrekmeister harmonies, writing, xiu xiu, yob

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