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Bright Horses Nick Cave & Warren Ellis at the Ipswich Regent

The bright horses have broken free from the fields
They are horses of love, their manes full of fire
They are parting the cities, those bright burning horses
And everyone is hiding, and no one makes a sound
And I'm by your side and I'm holding your hand
Bright horses of wonder springing from your burning hand

And everyone has a heart and it's calling for something
We're all so sick and tired of seeing things as they are
Horses are just horses and their manes aren't full of fire
The fields are just fields, and there ain't no Lord
And everyone is hidden, and everyone is cruel
And there's no shortage of tyrants, and no shortage of fools
And the little white shape dancing at the end of the hall
Is just a wish that time can't dissolve at all

Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, well, this world is plain to see
It don't mean we can't believe in something, and anyway
My baby's coming back now on the next train
I can hear the whistle blowing, I can hear the mighty roar
I can hear the horses prancing in the pastures of the Lord
Oh the train is coming, and I'm standing here to see
And it's bringing my baby right back to me
Well there are some things too hard to explain
But my baby's coming home now, on the 5:30 train

A comment left below this video by Brendan Tannam-

"I think of this song as just one song on the album that struggles with William Blake's ideas about the power of imaginal thinking to create a better reality. A parent who lost a child would have to fight very hard to see the bright horses in a positive light. These horses were the light of instruction that crossed our world every day in sunlight. We saw God though them. The instruction they gave us existed in the pastures of the Lord. And then the idyllic world collapses in the death of a beloved child. The father holds the hands of his dead or dying child and the horses of instruction lose their creative power. The reality of life without its magic overrides the senses. We are only left with illusion. The train is coming.....sadly, it is not coming. The dead are dead and will not come by train - they will live on in our memories."

Brendan Tannam's Youtube channel on William Blake-

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