was there ever a love like that of Jesus?

It is 2:31 PM Saturday afternoon here in West Michigan. It is 62 degrees and sunny today. It is a blessing to see sunshine and a blue sky.

I am tired and stressed out so I will make this short and sweet. Lately I am always tired and feel stressed out. Carol tells me to take some Xanax, but I think this is the new me right now. Something was reborn at the June 2021. Out of those ashes has arisen a new Me that is very talkative and absentminded. Weird this different Me. I wish I had an appointment with my therapist next week so I could share with him this New Me.

I got up this morning around 7 o'clock AM. When I came upstairs Carol was reading her Bible. I made a pot of oatmeal for Carol and I to eat for a morning meal. After breakfast Carol read Tripp and prayed. Carol left this morning to check out her sister-in-laws Craft Sale. I left soon after Carol did to visit the Bluestocking Book Shop to look at their used books (we have in-store credit at this bookstore). I bought these two used books-well these two used books were free because I used some of our in-store credit-

'The Japan Journals 1947-2004' By Donald Richie Edited by Leza Lowitz

'Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes-Law And The Inner Self' biography by G. Edward White

After visiting Bluestocking Books Shop and drove down the street to the Eagle Nest Thrift Store to look at their used books. When I walked into the store I ran into a fellow named Bob who also is a volunteer at the Book Nook (Bob is around my age). Bob and I greeted one another and he said he had bought a very long heavy floor lamp and was waiting for a couple who apparently lives with him to help him get the floor lamp into the trunk of his car. I said to Bob I could help him-but we both saw the lamp would not fit into his trunk so to make a very long short I offered to drive his floor lamp to his apartment-We have big van that has plenty of space so I drove (in the van was Bob's roommates) to Bob's place which is near where Carol and I live. Before we left the Eagle's Nest I looked at their selection of used books I bought these used books for my library-

'Selected Non-Fiction' by Jorge Luis Edited by Elliot Weinberger

'Autobiography Of Benvenuto Cellini' Translated And With An Introduction By George Bull

'Inside the Dream Palace: The Life and Times Of New York's Legendary Chelsea Hotel' by Sherill Tippins

'On a Farther Shore: The Life and Legacy of Rachel Carson' biography by William Souder

'Silent Spring' Nature/Environmentalism by Rachel Carson

I delivered Bob's floor lamp and since he lived right near the Goodwill Store that I visit at least a couple times of the month I went there before driving home. I found three used books at this southside Goodwill Store-

'The Sea Runners' a novel by Ivan Doig

'An Anthology Of Fakes (And Other Fraudulent Artifacts)' Edited by David Shields & Matthew Vollmer

'Storyteller' fiction By Leslie Marmon Silko

After visiting the Goodwill Thrift Store I drove home and so has gone by this day. I am tired so I will close to rest. Right now Carol is watching a college football and there is too much noise. Plus my left ear is buzzing louder and louder.

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