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It is 2:19 PM Wednesday afternoon here in West Michigan. It is a gray cold day here today, it is 60 degrees presently.

I got up this morning around 8 o'clock PM. When I came upstairs I found Carol getting ready to go grocery shopping. Carol left and I then had breakfast. I had a dentist appointment around 9:40 AM. So this morning before going to dentist I did not find time to write in my paper diary or read. But I did read at the dentist office while waiting to have my tooth repair a book titled, 'Christian Asceticism' by Anselm Stolz, OSB. It took only a few minutes for my dentist to repair my broken tooth, but this tooth does need a crown in the near future (I made two appointments to have a crown on this tooth in November 2021).

When I got home from my dentist appointment Carol was having her Neighborhood Woman's Book Club/four neighborhood women showed up. I went down into the lower level to write in my diary and read while the book club was in session. I have been mainly reading today from that book titled, 'Christian Asceticism' by Anselm Stolz, OSB.

Right now we have a plumber replacing a broken outside facet in the backwall of our house/that is going to cost us a leg and arm!

Last night I basically read from a novel titled, 'Ada' by Nabokov. I also filmed a video before going to bed last night.

I will post a photo of my used new bookcase that I bought yesterday at a local thrift store.

I will close to see what comes in the mail this afternoon.

new used bookcase

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