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least part of hell's torments

"4. It will not be the least part of hell's torments that hopeless, helpless spirits shall be tortured with fruitless wishes that they had not lost the invaluable advantages of their saving opportunities. Then they shall mourn and say, "How we hated instruction! How our hearts despised reproof, and did not obey the voice of our teachers, nor did we incline our ears to our instructors" (Proverbs 5:11-13). Every unprofitable wish that the time had been redeemed in this world will be as a renewed bloody lash on ulcerated wounded, tender bodies. O unwise children of men, who riot in the liberal indulgences to your flesh, even in the noontime of clear gospel light!

Take a serious view of these impertinent and afflictive wishes in the other world: "Oh, that God would grant one more day of grace! Oh, that I were to live my time over again! How I would look upon the flesh-displeasing, sharpest severities of repentance as favors! Oh, that I had kneeled on flints, and wept my eyes out in strong cries and tears for pardon! Oh, that I had given my goods to the poor! Oh, that I had exchanged the delights of the flesh for the pleasures of the Spirit, that I had been filled with the Spirit when I was drunk with wine! Oh, that I had watched over my loose heart day and night! Oh!, that I had fasted and prayed whole days and nights! Oh, that affliction had driven me to Christ, that I had gone through dirty lanes to a heavenly Father's house rather than through pleasant meadows to a prison, and a place of execution! Oh, that a godly, sorrowing life had ended in joy, and that a carnal, voluptuous life had not ended in eternal sorrows! Oh, that I had been a good husband, that I had hearkened to my friends, avoided undoing company, kept my shop, and improved time. I might never have come to this; but now I am undone, I am undone!"" pg. 14,15 'The Abuse of God's Grace' By Nicolas Claget

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