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Youth endures all things, kings and poetry and love

It is 2:33 PM Wednesday afternoon here in West Michigan. It is a warm 83 degrees afternoon. Earlier I was out in our backyard watering our plant kingdom. It is dry here in West Michigan. We need rain right now before everything turns brown.

I got up this morning around 8:10 AM. When I got upstairs Carol was cooking a meal to take to a family in her church that just had twins babies. I ate breakfast and then wrote in my paper diary. Next Carol and I had devotions and then I took a walk. I was home from my walk around 10:20 AM. I do not remember right now if I read anything this morning. My mind is right now a blank.

I did read last night from a crime novel titled, 'The Last Good Kiss' by James Crumley. Carol was gone babysitting from 4:15 PM till 9:30 PM.

I suppose there is not much else to report. I now remember I read this morning the Reformation Commentary on John 13-21/finished reading Chapter 18 of the the Gospel of John.

I find myself these days just sitting waiting out the day. If I am feeling good I find I like to just enjoy feeling good. When I feel not good is when I find myself seeking distractions from my human misery. Today I feel OK, which is a blessing.

I suppose I will close to go down into the lower level where it is cool. Inside upstairs it is in the 80's.

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