a fear of being abandoned

It is 2:08 PM Thursday afternoon here in West Michigan. It is a hazy warm day. We have hovering over the United States the smoke of the forest fires burning out West.

I was down in the lower level just sitting feeling sleepy and wondering if I should take some Xanax, when I decided to come here and write in my online diaries before the day gets away from me. Carol should be returning soon from doing errands.

I got up this morning around 7 o'clock AM. I slept upstairs last night because I was getting lonely sleeping down in the lower level alone. I realized last night that I sleep better alone down in the lower level. The bed down in the lower level is more comfortable than our bed. The bed down in the lower level is our older queen size bed and the bed upstairs is a newer queen size bed. Anyway I think I sleep down in the lower level tonight or maybe take a nap this afternoon.

So I got up this morning ate breakfast and took my pills. I next wrote in my paper diary and then we went to Bluestockings Book Shop to unhaul some used books for in-store credit. We had Josie with us this morning. Next door to Bluestockings is a Bakery and we treated Josie to a doughnut. We then came home. When we got home it was around 11 o'clock AM. I have been writing in my paper diary and looking at my books today. I can not really recall right now reading anything that stands out in my mind today. At Bluestockings I did buy two books with our in-store credit-

'Arthur's Britain: History and Archaeology AD 367-634' By Leslie Alcock

'The Idea Of Poverty England In The Early Industrial Age' By Gertrude Himmelfarb

Right now there is a a lot of noise because across the street from us they are putting in a new cement driveway.

I just remembered Carol and I did take a walk this morning around our neighborhood. When we got back from our walk we prayed and then Josie came over.

It has been a simple day thus far. Not much else to report. Last night I read my Reformation Commentary on John 13-21/Chapter 15 and some more of the novel, 'The Illustrious House Of Ramires' By Eca De Queiros Translated from the Portuguese, with an afterword by Margaret Jull Costa.

Carol morning walk

morning walk

morning walk

neighborhood morning walk
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