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I can not write much these days due to this depression/anxiousness. Yesterday Monday we received the four new books cases. Today which is a Tuesday I have filled up the book cases with books and also filled up our old van with books to take to Holland Rescue Mission tomorrow morning. After I unload the van we will come home and fill up the van with another load of used books to be hauled away.

Due to my sudden attack/breakdown mental and spiritual I have been reading the Bible, my wife and I pray together when possible and I stay down in the lower level to escape all the chaos upstairs. Our daughter Beth is here for a couple of week with their four children. Our son Josiah and is little girl Marika are staying down the street with Caleb his older brother Caleb/Emily/Josie and Cora.

Well I can't write more since I am sick. Please pray for me/us/all those suffering from mental depression illness anxiousness.

I did get a new book in the mail today, 'Dark Side Of The Enlightenment: Wizards, Alchemists, And Spiritual Seekers In The Age Of Reason' Nonfiction By John V. Fleming. I want to get next John V. Fleming's book, 'The Ant-Communist Manifestos: Four Books That Shaped the Cold War'.

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