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I do not know what to do in my depression but cry out to the Lord for grace to keep going

It is 2:02 PM Monday afternoon. In spite all the mental pain spiritual pain feeling of condemnation I am still standing even though I find myself crying tears of hopeless. I need the Lord Jesus more than I have ever in my life. I have had many countless times of feeling depressed hopeless defeated scared but NEVER like these days. This is something I have NEVER experience.

Time has gone by/it is Now 9:31 PM Monday. I had to stop writing because Thom the fellow who has been building our book cases showed up to set up the four new book cases. After Thom set up the book cases I spent the afternoon filling some of the book cases with books.

Andy, Bethany, Lou, Marn, Jack and Nora showed up this afternoon for a visit. I was able to greet them with love which I am thankful for.

I did see a Social Worker this morning and I am hopefully going to find some help for my chronic depression and anxiety.

I would write more but I am out of it. Please pray for me.

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