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John Calvin's Supralapsarian Eschatological Narrative

It is 4:23 PM Monday late afternoon on a nice cool sunny day here in West Michigan. Not bad weather for this time of year. But we are having a severe drought and it does not look good for the future of American Farmers. The earth is drying up and soon all crops will be dust.

Carol and got up this morning around 6 o'clock AM. When I got up I made a fresh of coffee. I spent the morning writing in my paper diary and reading from a book titled, 'God In Himself-Scripture, Metaphysics, and the Task of Christian Theology' by Steven J. Duby. Carol left this morning to have breakfast with family members.

When Carol got home we soon left to do our first shift volunteering at our local library used books store The Book Nook. We got at the Book Nook around 9:45 AM and opened the store for business. The Book Nook had been closed since March 2000. I showed Carol what to do when folks buy used books in the store etc. . . I won't go into details about all that one does as a Book Nook volunteer. Carol and I sold over two hundred dollars worth of reading materials during our shift from 10 AM till 1 PM. Carol and I both enjoyed being back at the Book Nook and seeing friends/library staff/old customers etc. Also Carol and I bought a lot of used books at the Book Nook today. I will list only the used books I bought today/Carol bought more used books than me.

'Picturing The Bomb: Photographs From The Secret World Of The Manhattan Project' Rachel Fermi & Esther Samra

'Honky Tonk Samurai' (A Hap And Leonard Novel) by Joe R. Lansdale

'Yankee Bookseller' Being The Reminiscences Of Charles E. Goodspeed published 1937

'The Company We Kept' A Memoir by Barbara Kaye (Mrs. Percy Muir)

'Books And Bidders: The Adventures Of A Bibliophile' By A. S. W. Rosenbach

'Carrousel For Bibliophiles: A Treasure Of Tales, Narratives, Epigrams & Sundry Curious Studies Relating To A Noble Theme' Edited, with an Introduction by William Targ

'The Pleasures of Bibliophily: Fifty Years of The Book Collector: An Anthology'

'A Grace Paley Reader: Stories, Essays, and Poetry' Edited By Kevin Bowen & Nora Paley

'Arcadia' A Novel By Iain Pears

'Portnoy's Complaint' A Novel By Philip Roth

'Prague Winter: A Personal Story of Remembrance and War, 1937-1948' Memoir by Madeleine Albright

'Collected Stories 1939-1976' By Paul Bowles

'The Wind In The Willows' By Kenneth Grahame

When Carol and got home it was around 1:30 PM. We ate lunch and I wrote in my paper dairy. After writing in my diary I decided to mow the front lawn since I was too tired to read. So has gone by this day.


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