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another thrift store used books haul

another thrift store used books haul

'Seven Gothic Tales' by Isak Dinesen

'The Hundred Days' A Novel by Patrick O'Brian

'Whose America Is This-How Our Words Unite, Divide, And Define A Nation' American History by Stephen Prothero

'Liberty And Freedom-A Visual History of America's Founding Ideas' American History by David Hackett Fischer (I have another book by Fischer titled, 'Albion's Seed: Four British Folkways in America'.)

'City of Glass' A Novel by Paul Auster

'Victoria's Daughters' biography by Jerrold A. Packard

'Old Master Through Modern Prints' Auction Catalogue SWANN May 8, 2018

'1913: In Search Of The World Before The Great War' World War I History by Charles Emmerson

'That Wilder Image: The Painting of America's Native School From Thomas Cole To Winslow Homer' American Art History by James Thomas Flexner

'Edge Of Dark Waters' A Novel By Joe R. Lansdale

'Bangkok Tattoo' A Novel by John Burdett

"The Aubrey–Maturin series" is a sequence of nautical historical novels—20 completed and one unfinished—by Patrick O'Brian, set during the Napoleonic Wars and centering on the friendship between Captain Jack Aubrey of the Royal Navy and his ship's surgeon Stephen Maturin, a physician, natural philosopher, and intelligence agent

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