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Used Books Haul Recap

It is right now 6:54 PM Tuesday evening. I am thinking of making a video for my Youtube channel and plan to show folks ALL the used books I have collected recently at thrift stores last week and this week thus far. I want to put ALL these old used books away and then start over. I also NEED to haul away a couple hundred books, but we are waiting for newly built book cases to be delivered before making a final purge of books.

I will close to drift. There is no way of escape. Trapped.

'The Shape Of The Liturgy' by Dom Gregory Dix

'Forty Gospel Homilies' by Gregory The Great

'Salvation In Christ: A Lutheran-Orthodox Dialogue' Edited and with an introduction by John Meyendorff & Robert Tobias

'Luther and the Old Testament' by Heinrich Bornkamm

'Tradition And Interpretation In Matthew' by Gunther Bornkamm, Gerhard Barth, & Heinz Joachim Held

'An American Procession: The Major American Writers from 1830-1930-The Crucial Century' By Alfred Kazin

'Lost Boston' Photographic history of the City of Boston Mass. by Jane Holtz Kay

'The Death And Life Of Great American Cities' by Jane Jacobs

'The Hungarians: A Thousand Years of Victory in Defeat' by Paul Lendvai Translated By Ann Major

'In the Darkroom' A Memoir by Susan Faludi

'Akenfield: Portrait of an English Village' by Ronald Blythe

'Hope in the Dark: Untold Histories, Wild Possibilities' essays by Rebecca Solnit

'Restless Angles: The Friendship of Six Victorian Women' biography by Helen Heineman

'An Anthology Of English Prose With A Commentary 1400-1900' Edited By Eirian James Cambridge At The University Press 1958

'Mile Zero' A Novel by Thomas Sanchez

'The Godfather of Kathmandu-A Royal Thai Detective Novel' by John Burdett

'City of Glass' A Novel by Paul Auster

'Victoria's Daughters' biography by Jerrold A. Packard

'Old Master Through Modern Prints' Auction Catalogue SWANN May 8, 2018

'1913: In Search Of The World Before The Great War' World War I History by Charles Emmerson

'That Wilder Image: The Painting of America's Native School From Thomas Cole To Winslow Homer' American Art History by James Thomas Flexner

'Continental Drift' A Novel by Russell Banks

'Gods, Graves, & Scholars: The Story Of Archeology' by C. W. Ceram

'Picture This' A Novel by Joseph Heller

'The Visions of Emma Blau' A Novel by Ursula Hegi

'Insidious Foes: The Axis Fifth Column and the American Home Front' American History/World War II by Francis MacDonnell

'Suicide Of The West: How The Rebirth Of Tribalism, Populism, Nationalism, And Identity Politics Is Destroying American Democracy' by Jonah Goldberg


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