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May Thrift Used Books Haul

May Thrift Used Books Haul

'The Complete Gary Lutz'

'The English Mediaeval Town' Mediaeval History by Colin Platt

'The Pursuit of the Millennium' European History/Eschatology by Norman Cohn

'The Heartbreaker' A Novel by Susan Howatch

'The High Flyer' A Novel by Susan Howatch

'The Book Of Jamaica' A Novel by Russell Banks

'Paper: Paging Through History' nonfiction by Mark Kurlansky

'Four Fish: The Future Of The Last Wild Food' nonfiction by Paul Greenberg

'Ancestral Passions: The Leakey Family And The Quest For Humankind's Beginnings' biography by Virginia Morell

'The Wonder Works' A Novel by Susan Howatch

'Collecting Books' Think Like An Expert by Matthew Budman

'Reading in Bed: Brief headlong essays about books & writers & reading & readers' by Brian Doyle

'Floating in My Mother's Palm' A Novel by Ursula Hegi

'Hannah Arendt: For Love of the World' a biography by Elisabeth Young-Bruehl

'Dark Age Ahead' Cultural Studies by Jane Jacobs

'The Way The Crow Flies' A Novel by Ann-Marie MacDonald

'The Days Of The French Revolution' French Revolution/European History by Christopher Hibbert

'When Nietzsche Wept' A Novel Of Obsession by Irvin D. Yalom

'Genuine Reality: A Life Of William James' biography by Linda Simon

'Jean Santeuil' A Novel by Marcel Proust Translated by Gerard Hopkins

'Mr. Peanut' a novel by Adam Ross

'View From The Summit' A Memoir by Sir Edmund Hillary

'The Complete Poems' Jonathan Swift

'The Classical Tradition: Greek And Roman Influences On Western Literature' by Gilbert Highet

'Hannah Arendt' [Lives Of Modern Women] biography by Derwent May

'Foundation: The History Of England From Its Earliest Beginnings To The Tudors' by Peter Ackroyd

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