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the human body

It is 2:34 PM Tuesday afternoon in the death flow. It is a warm gray cloudy dismal day. It has been predicted to rain this evening. We need rain here in the Midwest. The Midwest is turning into a Dust Bowl.

Caleb just dropped off Josie for us to baby-sit till Emily gets home from work. I told Josie she would find Noni in the backyard doing yard work.

I took a nap this afternoon, because last night I did not fall asleep till almost 1 o'clock AM. I went to bed around 11 o'clock PM but I just laid in bed waiting for sleep to overcome me. I always wonder when does one actually fall into a total state of sleep. Sometimes I am about to fall into the sleep when I wake myself up because I am afraid a vampire will attack me and suck out all my blood.

Carol just came in from working outside. She told me the furnace people called and are able to install a new furnace and air conditioner unit tomorrow/they found two units in Grand Rapids and someone canceled an install so we will have new furnace and central air system tomorrow. Get this cell cooled off.

I have been basically reading the last two days from a book I received in the mail yesterday titled, 'The Complete Gary Lutz'.

I did mow the lawn yesterday. Due to the severe drought this morning I watered our small plant kingdom. I wonder if I will see wild flowers blooming in our wild flower garden this Summer?

Well I will close to drift. I need salvation in Christ Jesus. I need to get saved.

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