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It is 7:56 PM Friday evening. I thought I would write something this evening since these days I write so little in my LJ diary. I suppose I write so little is because so little happens in my present stage of life. I am retired. I am not working. I am not on vacation.

I do not know where this day went. I do remember Carol and I going grocery shopping after she got home from having breakfast with a friend. When we got back from grocery shopping it was going on late morning. I think Carol left again to do errands. On one of Carol's errands she unloaded another car full of used books at the Bluestockings Bookstore for instore credit. For the last several weeks we have been de-hauling meaning taking out of our libraries books we have no room for or what we will not be desiring to read in the distant future.

I spent most of the afternoon and early evening hours down in the lower level reading my books and writing in my paper diary. I should mention when Carol and I got home from grocery shopping we noticed the house was not cool but still hot. We discovered that our air conditioning unit was not working, the fan was not moving. We already have an appointment for the air conditioning tech to be at our place next Wednesday. So I suppose that will be the day our air conditioning unit will be blowing cool air into our home once again. We can only hope for a better outcome.

This afternoon I received in the mail a used book I had ordered titled, 'Black Sun: Depression And Melancholia' by Julia Kristeva Translated by Leon S. Roudiez. I have been reading 'Black Sun' this evening. It is 83 degrees inside our house this evening. I might flee might down into the lower level so as to escape the heat. Maybe the world will cool off tonight.

This afternoon Caleb did drop off Josie around 2:45 PM for us to babysit. Josie is growing up fast! Our daughter Beth has been texting Mother and telling us baby Nora and Jack are both sick now with a bad cold. Andy is feeling bad due to a couple medical issues under gone recently. There seems to be troubles on all sides lately.

Well I will close to feel drugged. Tomorrow is a Saturday.


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