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Monday Reads & Another Progress Report On The New Library

Monday Reads & Another Progress Report On The New Library

'Life Embitters' Stories by Josep Pla Translated from the Catalan by Peter Bush published by Archipelago Books 2015

'Essayism On Form, Feeling, And Nonfiction' by Brian Dillon (New York Review Books)

'Collected Sermons of James Durham 61 Sermons' Reformation Heritage Books

'The Merchant Bankers' History of Banking by Joseph Wechsberg

'Sarajevo Marlboro' Stories by Miljenko Jergovic Translated by Stela Tomasevic published by Archipelago Books

'American Slavery, American Freedom' American History by Edmund S. Morgan

Hear what the voice from Heav’n proclaims,
For all the pious dead;
Sweet is the savor of their names,
And soft their sleeping bed.

They died in Jesus, and are blest;
How kind their slumbers are!
From sufferings and from sins released,
And freed from every snare.

Far from this world of toil and strife,
They’re present with the Lord;
The labors of their mortal life
End in a large reward.

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