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a heap of language

It is 4:22 PM Saturday afternoon in the death flow. It is a warm gray afternoon. Outside it looks like it might rain this evening. We need the rain here in West Michigan. There is a severe water storage on the border between Oregon and California.

I just got home from an hour nap. I got up this morning around 6:15 AM. I immediately got dressed and took our son's dog Ollie for a morning walk. I always notice when walking Ollie we live in a very nice middle class to upper middle class neighborhood. Most people in our neighborhood have well kept lawns and flower gardens.

When Ollie and I got home from our walk it was around 6:45 AM. I had breakfast and then Carol and I set up for her Book Swap which would begin around 9 o'clock AM and last till 12 o'clock Noon.

I am too tired to go into Carol's Book Swap only to say it was a mild success, meaning not many folks showed up. Most of the people who showed up for Carol's Book Swap where family (five people) and friends (five people). No one in our neighborhood came to Carol's Book Swap. One person came from her church to her Book Swap. I personally was surprised anyone showed up at my wife's Book Swap since people in general hate books. People these days do not read. People are into their cell phones and television.

We shut down the Book Swap around 12:25 PM and filled up our car and van with books to haul to the Holland Rescue Mission thrift store. Carol's young brother Calvin stayed and had lunch with us. After Cal left to go home I took a nap down in the lower level. So has gone existence in a dead world.

I have read today from a book titled, 'Essayism On Form, Freeling, And Nonfiction' by Brian Dillon. Last night I read a sermon by James Durham a famous 17th Scottish Divine. Carol went to bed early and I read till 11 o'clock PM 17th century Scottish Theological Spirituality.

I will close to feel absolutely sick tired. All we can do is wait for healing. It is now raining Carol's tells the dog Ollie.

Book Swap May 15, 2021
Book Swap

Book Swap

Book Swap

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