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at the end of my rope

It is 11:05 AM Friday late morning here in West Michigan. I was just outside putting clean water into a bird bath. It is a warm sunny day. It is strange to have warm weather when it has been so cold for so very long.

I got up this morning around 6:15 AM. I immediately got on my street clothes and took our son's dog Ollie for his morning walk. To be honest in my advanced age I am not into walking. I am constantly amazed to see in our neighborhood old people walking around. Why are these old people walking around? They should be resting their worn out souls.

When I got back from walking our son's dog (that we are babysitting till this coming Sunday) I changed my clothes and put on my rags.

Carol made a pot of oatmeal for breakfast. After breakfast Carol read and prayed for our morning devotions. Most mornings I am too beat down to read from a devotional book or lift up my voice in prayer. Usually in the morning I am ready to call in and ask for the day to be canceled.

This morning Carol left to do errands and I wrote in my paper diary and filmed a video Friday Reads Chat.

There is not much else to report so I will close to collapse somewhere dark and filled with divine grace.

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