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nice buzz now

It is 1:22 PM Monday afternoon here in rainy gray West Michigan. I am thankful for rain. We all need water in this dry times. We need more than anything The Latter Rain.

I got up this morning around 6:15 AM. I got up before Carol, which is not normal. I got up made a pot of coffee and sat in our dining room greeting another day during The Last Days. Carol got up and left around 7:20 AM to have a morning meal with a friends/fellowship the saints. We all need fellowship during this COVID-19 plague.

I have mainly been sorting through the books in the lower level. Carol took two van loads of books today to the Gateway Center Holland Rescue Mission. I plan to cool down this afternoon and just drift. I only have a few pages to read in the novel 'Wolf' by Jim Harrison.

Last night Carol and I went to bed around 10 o'clock PM. I slept poorly last night due to a sore and still body/it is all this lifting and hauling that is doing damaged to my body. I am no young buck.

I suppose I will close to float. There is no where to go but here.

lower level dehaul
lower level dehaul

lower level dehaul

lower level dehaul

lower level dehaul

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