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turning language into a spell to repel ghosts

It is 1:08 PM Saturday afternoon. It is cloudy blue sky windy day.

I got up this morning around 5 o'clock AM. I could not sleep so I got up even though it was way too early for me. I figure I can always take a nap if I get too sleepy during the day.

I mainly spent the morning into the afternoon going through the books down in the lower level. Carol took in our old Dodge van two loads of books to the Gateway Center Holland Rescue Mission. I finally had enough and came up here to get a glass of water and write in my online diaries. My body is too sore now to do any more lifting and carrying boxes of books to the van.

I have had no time to read today. These days I mainly work on getting rid of books and reading 'Wolf' A Novel by Jim Harrison.

I will close since I am falling asleep. It is the First Day of May 2021. The history of mankind is coming to a close.

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