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It is 1:47 PM Wednesday afternoon in a gray cold death flow. I was sitting in my main study writing in my paper diary and I fell asleep. I decided to write in my online diaries as well to keep me falling over in a state of pure physical and mental exhaustion.

I got up this morning around 6 o'clock AM. Carol was already up when I got up to face my Life (born August 14, 1952). I spent the morning dozing and writing in my paper diary. Carol left to attend a Woman's Bible Study at her church. While she was gone I read, wrote in my diary, and filmed a video for my Youtube channel.

Carol came home from the Bible Study with three children. Carol is babysitting three small children for a woman she knows at her church till 3 o'clock PM. Carol feels good if she is doing good deeds all the time. The Christian life should be one of constant good deeds.

The last book I attempted to read this afternoon was or is titled, 'God In Himself: Scripture, Metaphysics, and the Task of Christian Theology' by Steven J. Duby.

Since I can't stay awake I will close to drift.

white-crowned sparrow
white-crown sparrow

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