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It is 10:15 PM Friday night. It has been a crazy day! Never found the time or presence of mind to write this morning.

I got up this morning around 6:30 AM. Carol was already up messing with her cell phone. This morning Carol volunteered at her church to help make pigs-in-a-blankets to raise money for Youth Activities and Mission Projects.

I spent the morning looking at my books, I filmed a short video for my Youtube site, and wrote in my paper diary. When Carol got home I was ready to take loads of books to the Gateway Center Holland Rescue Mission Store. But before we could leave a friend of Carol's stopped by after she got out of work. Carol and her friend talked for awhile and then Carol and I did our errands. So went the day. We were done with all our errands by 4 o'clock PM and I have spent the evening hours writing in my paper diary, wandering the house, talking to Carol, and reading from a novel titled, 'The Red Lily' by Anatole France. I bought this old novel at the local library used books store a long time ago. Who reads these days the writings of Anatole France?

Carol went to bed early this evening. I was writing in my diary when my wife headed off to bed. It is a blessing having a warm bed in a world being ravished by the COVID-19 plague.

Well I will close to drift till my bedtime. Tomorrow will soon be here. Last night I mainly read till bedtime from a novel titled, 'Wolf' by Jim Harrison. A really fine read during these Plague Years.


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