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It is 6:07 PM Wednesday evening here in West Michigan. Right now it is cold and sunny outside. Earlier today we had a brief snow storm. I hope the next couple of days are sunny and warm. I am tired of all the gray skies and cold.

This morning the fellow who has been building book cases for us delivered four more. The fellow is named Thom and he delivered the four cases around 10 o'clock AM this morning and after the book cases were in place I spent the morning and the rest of day filling up the four book cases with books. That was a ton of work! My back is killing me! But now we have some more books in book cases. Sad to realize we really need another eight book cases, which would cast us around $2,500 dollars! Which I am really not willing right now to dish out. So what I have to do is get rid of a five thousand books and just keep around six thousand books.

Carol just left to teach a Woman's Bible Study on Chapter Eleven of the Epistle to the Romans. All I have read today was from a book titled, 'God In Himself: Scripture, Metaphysical, and the Task of Christian Theology' by Steven J. Duby.

Last night Carol went to bed early and I stayed up and read late into the night from a wonderful book titled, 'The Accidental Life: An Editor's Notes on Writing and Writers' A Memoir by Terry McDonell.

There is not much else to report this evening. I plan to take some pain pills next and then relax.

new book cases
new book cases

new book cases

new book cases

new book cases

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