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What I Have Been Reading

What I Have Been Reading

'The Life Of Jesus Christ' Part One Volume 2, Chapters 41-92 by Ludolph of Saxony Translated By Milton T. Walsh

'Interpreting Scripture with the Great Tradition: Recovering the Genius of Premodern Exegesis' by Craig A. Carter

'Incarnational Humanism: A Philosophy Of Culture For The Church In The World' by Jens Zimmermann

'The Last Days Of Jesus: The Forty Days Between The Resurrection And Ascension' by T. V. Moore

'Philip Roth: The Biography' by Blake Bailey

'The Golden Age of the American Essay 1945-1970' Edited By Philip Lopate

'Baba Yaga' A Novel by Toby Barlow

'Homage To Barcelona' Memoir by Colm Toibin

'The Splendid Things We Planned: A Family Portrait' Memoir by Blake Bailey

'Funny Weather: Art in an Emergency' Essays by Oliva Laing

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