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A Cheap Stacks Used Books Store Haul

A Cheap Stacks Used Books Store Haul

'The Short Novels of Thomas Wolfe' edited, with an introduction and notes, by C. Hugh Holman

'Gotham Unbound: The Ecological History Of Greater New York' by Ted Steinberg

'Hand To Mouth: A Chronicle of Early Failure' by Paul Auster

'The Richness of Life: The Essential Stephen Jay Gould' Edited by Steven Rose Foreword by Oliver Sacks

'The White Road: Journey Into An Obsession' nonfiction by Edmund De Waal

'Luncia In London' novel by E. F. Benson

'Before Their Time' A Memoir by Robert Kotlowitz

'When I Whistle' a novel by Shusaku Endo Translated by Van C. Gessel

'Lawrence In Oaxaca: A Quest For The Novelist In Mexico' biography by Ross Parmenter

'Naked Sleeper' A Novel by Sigrid Nunez

'Looking For Eulabee Dix: The Illustrated Biography of An American Miniaturist' by Jo Ann Ridley

'Stalin's Children: Three Generations of Love, War, and Survival' nonfiction by Owen Matthews

'Villa Air-Bel: World War II, Escape, And A House In Marseille' nonfiction by Rosemary Sullivan

'Rise Of Nationalism In The Balkans 1800-1930' by Wesley M. Gewehr

'Frank Lloyd Wright' (Penguin Lives) biography by Ada Louise Huxtable

'Virginia Woolf: A Writer's Life' biography by Lyndall Gordon

'Kerouac at the "Wild Boar" and Other Skirmishes' Complied by John Montgomery

'Quinine: Malaria And The Quest For A Cure That Changed The World' by Fiammetta Rocco

'Mad World: Evelyn Waugh And The Secrets Of Brideshead' biography by Paula Byrne

'Men And Angels' A Novel By Mary Gordon

'Blow Your House Down' a novel by Pat Barker

'The Seven League Boots' A Novel by Albert Murray

'Haiku' A Novel By Andrew Vachss

'Two Trains Running' A Novel by Andrew Vachss

'Thornton Wilder: A Life' biography by Penelope Niven

'The Burn' A Novel by Vassily Aksyonov Translated From The Russian By Michael Glenny

'Next' A Novel by James Hynes

'Max Perkins: Editor of Genius' biography by A. Scott Berg

'To All Gentleness: William Carlos Williams The Doctor Poet' biography by Neil Baldwin

'The Purpose Of The Past: Reflections on The Uses Of History' by Gordon S. Wood

'The Illusions of Separateness' A Novel by Simon Van Booy

'Sorry For Your Trouble: Stories' by Richard Ford

'Cousin Rosamund' A Novel by Rebecca West

'Chilly Scenes Of Winter' A Novel by Ann Beattie

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