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let us abandon all things and follow Jesus, in whom we possess everything

It is 1:20 PM Thursday afternoon in a cold gray death flow. No warm sunshine today here in West Michigan.

I got up this morning I think around 6 o'clock AM. I got up made a fresh pot of coffee and then messed with our main computer. Next I wrote in my paper diary and ate breakfast. After breakfast I read, filmed a video for my Youtube site, and then wrote in my diary. Now it is 1:25 PM Thursday afternoon, the day goes by. Carol called me around 12:15 PM from out West.

I mainly read all morning from a book titled, 'Life of Jesus Christ' Part One, Volume 1, Chapters 1-40' by Ludolph of Saxony. I am not sure what I will read this afternoon. Last night I read before going to bed, 'The Professor of Desire' A Novel by Philip Roth. I also read yesterday some more of the novel, 'Scandalous Risks' by Susan Howitch. Since Carol has been gone I spend the morning studying the Bible and writing in my paper diary. During the afternoon and evening hours I write in my diary and read secular literature/pagan books. I also listen to music and watch the birds. I thought of leaving the house today to visit northside thrift stores to look for used books to add to our library. But I am too tired this afternoon to venture forth into the Wasteland. I will wander my cell today and wait for darkness to fall. Existence keeps flowing by. Maybe something mind blowing will come in the mail today.

I might read this afternoon from a book titled, 'KNOSSOs & the Prophets of Modernism' by Cathy Gere. We wait and see. Carol on the phone this afternoon suggested I do yardwork this afternoon. I told her it was too windy to do yardwork, plus my left shoulder hurts and I do not want to damage it any further then it already is.

Well I will close to drift during this COVID-19 plague.

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