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the world was always divided into Aristotelians and Platonists

It is now in my existence 7:31 PM Wednesday evening here where the robins sing. I think I hear a robin singing this morning, but have not seen any robins for awhile. Where did the robins go? Last Spring a robin built a nest across from us on the bend of a drainage pipe, which we could see from our kitchen window. That next is still visible, but has become less and less because of the passage of the seasons.

Carol called me this afternoon and told me she is coming home now this coming Sunday and not this coming Monday. So my wife will soon be returning from our trip out West to visit our daughter and her family. This afternoon my wife sounded tired and ready to come back home to peace and quiet.

I have been reading this evening for kicks, 'The Professor of Desire' A Novel by Philip Roth. I also spent the afternoon and evening hours searching down in the lower level for books. Today I picked up a couple of used books and I had books already by these authors in our library. I like all the books by a certain author together and not scattered throughout the lower level.

Today I bought used a volume of short stories titled, 'The Chauffeur' by Howard Norman. I already had two novels by Howard Norman and I had to go down in the lower level on a search mission. I found them! they were titled or are titled, 'What Is Left The Daughter' A Novel by Howard Norman and 'The Bird Artist' A Novel by Howard Norman. Now all three books are together.

I also bought today used a book titled, 'Killing Custer: The Battle Of The Little Bighorn And The Fate Of The Plains Indians' by James Welch with Paul Stekler. I have three novels by James Welch in my book collection which I found, 'Winter In The Blood' A Novel by James Welch, 'Fools Crow' A Novel by James Welch and 'The Heartsong of Charging Elks' A Novel by James Welch.

Another used book I bought today was titled or is titled, 'The Chan's Great Continent: China In Western Minds' by Jonathan D. Spence. I have two other books by Spence in my library, 'The Death of Woman Wang' historical fiction by Jonathan D. Spence and 'The Memory Palace Of Matteo Ricci' biography by Jonathan D. Spence. Now all three of these books by Spence are together. How wonderful and soothing to my old nerves.

I am now waiting for this day to come to a close so I can go to bed. I have no plans for tomorrow. Existence just keeps decaying full speed.

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