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there is healing at the fountain

It is 10 o'clock AM Tuesday morning in the Age of COVID-19 plague. People are still dying from COVID-19 so keep wearing a mask and practice social distancing. I thought I would write now instead of later since I am still very sick and do not know how this can continue. I have notice lately my memory is failing so maybe what I have been experiencing lately are a series of strokes that will leave me with dementia. My cards have fallen blank.

I got up this morning around 5:55 AM. I was able to sleep somewhat during the night because I took a handful of drugs to knock me out last night. When I got up I found my wife waiting for me. It is a blessing to wake up and have a loved one there to greet you. It must be awful to wake up each day with no one that loves you and cares that you are alive and not dead. Next Tuesday morning I will wake up with Carol gone.

I made oatmeal when I got up since my stomach was in pain. After eating my oatmeal my stomach pain persisted and I am still in stomach discomfort. Carol left this morning to have breakfast with old nursing girlfriends. I wrote in my paper diary this morning and dozed. Now I am writing in my paper diary and listening to the music of Dead To A Dying World 'Litany' CD.

Last night I filmed a video after Carol went to bed. I went to bed around 11:20 PM. Now it is a warm late Winter day. The snow has been slowly melting. I plan to walk around our house to see if anything is blooming.

I have read a little this morning from this book, 'The Life Of Jesus Christ' Part One Volume 1, Chapters 1-40 by Ludolph of Saxony.

I suppose I will close to pray for divine healing. All we have for healing is the Great Physician.

There is healing at the fountain,
Come and find it, weary soul,
There your sins may all be covered;
Jesus waits to make you whole.


Oh the fountain! blessèd healing fountain!
I am glad ’tis flowing free;
Oh the fountain! precious, cleansing fountain!
Praise the Lord, it cleanseth me.

There is healing at the fountain,
Look to Jesus now and live,
At the cross lay down thy burden;
All thy wanderings He’ll forgive.


There is healing at the fountain,
Precious fountain filled with blood;
Come, oh come, the Savior calls you,
Come and plunge beneath its flood.


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