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It is 9:33 PM Tuesday night here in the Wasteland. Carol has gone to bed and I feel like writing some stuff here in LJ. Why not. I am not going anywhere and it is too early to go to bed. I wanted to record some books that I received today. I could list these books tomorrow, but why not tonight while I am awake and ready for the final round.

Carol visited a thrift store today looking for used children's books. A friend of Carol's in flying to Africa next week and wanted children's books to hand to children in Kenya. While Carol was at this thrift store she called me on my cell phone asking if I had this book, 'The New Meaning Of Treason' nonfiction by Rebecca West? I told her I had an old paper back edition, this edition was a hardback edition with a book cover. I told her to buy it since my copy was difficult to read due to the paperback being old and stiff.

Also today while Carol was at Reformation Heritage Books she picked up a book I asked her to look for titled, 'Biblical Interpretation And Doctrinal Formulation In The Reformed Tradition: Essays In Honor Of James De Jong' Edited By Arie C. Leder & Richard A. Muller.

This afternoon I drove over to a thrift store to look at their used books and found these to ADD to our library-

'Reformation' nonfiction by Owen Chadwick

'The Last Chronicle Of Barset' a novel by Anthony Trollope

'Nothing Gold Can Stay' Stories by Ron Rash

'A History Of The South' nonfiction by Francis Butler Simkins & Charles Pierce Roland

'William Henry Seward: Lincoln's Secretary Of State The Negotiator Of The Alaska Purchase' biography by Glyndon G. Van Deusen

Tomorrow afternoon the fellow who said he could build us book cases is coming over to tell us how much it would cost to put 15,000 books in book cases. I might have to get rid of some books if I am going to be able to afford book cases. Well all we can do is wait and see how much having book cases throughout the lower level will cost.

So here I sit as usual talking to myself. I really do not know any more if anyone read my LJ diary Crookedfingers. We can only plant the seed and trust the Lord will water it.


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