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there is no excuse for those who do not prepare themselves to receive grace

It is 1:53 PM Friday afternoon in the death flow. It is another sunny day here in West Michigan. Slowly but surely Spring 2021 is approaching like the Angel of Death.

My day started around 5:59 AM this morning. I had been awake for awhile before I made a decision to get up and get moving. At my age if you fail to move it slowly becomes impossible to move ones physical self in dead space. When I got up I found my wife reading the Bible. This coming May 2021 my wife would have been married 42 years.

I spent the morning hours doing the usual activities. Carol left around 8:25 AM to have breakfast with an old childhood girlfriend who was in town visiting her elderly mother. While Carol was gone I wrote in my diary, read my books, and filmed a video for my Youtube channel. This morning I read from these two books for morning devotions-

'The Life Of Jesus Christ' Part One Volume 1, Chapters 1-40 by Ludolph of Saxony

'Concise Reformed Dogmatics' by J. van Genderen & W. H. Velema

I did leave the house this morning around 10 o'clock AM to pick up a coffee bean order and while out visited two local thrift stores to search for used books. Did not come across any interesting used books today to add to our library.

This afternoon I have writing in my diary and reading a Crime Mystery novel titled, 'Mrigret And The Spinster' by Georges Simenon Translated from the French by Eileen Ellenbogen.

Caleb dropped off Josie around 12 o'clock Noon for us to baby-sit. Carol and Josie left earlier for our local public library to get books.

I will close now since I am tired. Last night is a blur right now. I did film a video last night talking about the poetry of Allen Ginsberg.

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