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To James Laughlin

It is 4:30 PM Tuesday late afternoon. I usually do not write a second time in my online diaries because I have nothing brand new to share with my membership. But this afternoon I got brave and drove to Holland Rescue Mission Gateway Center thrift store to search for used books. We had not been there in a couple of weeks, so I got crazy and drove there by myself. Carol thought about going, but changed her mind. So I drove over to Gateway to look at their used books and found these old used books to ADD to our book collection-

'Maigret And The Spinster' Crime Fiction by Georges Simenon Translated from the French by Elleen Ellenbogen

'The Collected Later Poems' William Carlos Williams

'The American Scene' Travel Memoir by Henry James (I collect the writings of Henry James and did not know of this travel memoir written by James)

'Angels & Insects' Two Novellas by A. S. Byatt (I had this book in a nice paperback edition, this edition is perfect hardback edition)

'Genet: A Biography' by Edmund White (I had this biography in a paperback, this is a fine perfect condition hardback edition)

When I got home from Gateway I found my wife cooking and baking in the kitchen. Nothing mind blowing came in the mail today.

Tomorrow Carol and I plan to travel to the city of Grand Rapids MI to visit Reformation Heritage Books/Puritan Theological Seminary to buy books and then stop by the office of our Tax Man to pick up our taxes. We might do some other stuff while wandering Grand Rapids MI tomorrow.

I will close to drift. It is 4:45 PM right now and the sun is still shining. The Lord is faithful.

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