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Thrift Store Used Books Haul

Thrift Store Used Books Haul

'In Search Of Sacred Time: Jacobus de Voragine and The Golden Legend' by Jacques Le Goff Translated By Lydia G. Cochrane

'The Golden Legend: Selections' by Jacobus de Voragine Selected and translated by Christopher Stace (Penguin Classics)

'Twilight Of The Elites: America After Meritocracy' by Christopher Hayes

'The Complete Poems' Walt Whitman (Penguin Classics)

'John Wesley's Sermons: An Anthology' Edited By Albert C. Outler & Richard P. Heitzenrater

'The Typewriter's Tale' A Novel by Michiel Heyns

'The Age of Shiva' A Novel by Manil Suri

'Hayduke Lives!' A Novel by Edward Abbey

'One More Saturday Night: Reflections With The Grateful Dead, Dead Family, And Dead Heads' by Sandy Troy Illustrations By Stanley Mouse

'History of Danish Dreams' a novel by Peter Hoeg Translated By Barbara Haveland

'Art As Spiritual Perception: Essays In Honor of E. John Walford' Edited By James Romaine

'Walt Whitman's Mrs. G.: A Biography of Anne Gilchrist' by Marion Walker Alcaro

'Chicago Tribune: The Rise of American Newspaper' by Lloyd Wendt

'The Beauty of The Lord: Theology As Aesthetics' by Jonathan King

'The Oxford Dictionary of Word Histories' The life stories of over 12,000 words Edited by Glynnis Chantrell

'The House Of Broken Angels' A Novel by Luis Alberto Urrea

music: Ricard Buckner 'devotion + doubt' CD

music: Vic Chesnutt 'Skitter on Take-Off' CD

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