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my heart cries to You by silent desires

It is 1:08 PM Wednesday afternoon here in West Michigan. We have been watching on TV the Biden and Harris Inauguration Ceremony. I feel like that now Trump is out of office as President a Reign of Terror has ended. The Trump Presidency was one of hatred and violence/physical violence and verbal violence. I am praying the Biden and Harris Presidency is one of peace and good will towards all Americans/all Races/the Classes.

This morning I got up around 7:15 AM. I had a dentist appointment at 10 o'clock AM. I spent the morning before going to the dentist writing in my paper diary and sitting watching or listening to my brain movie. It constantly amazes me all the shit that goes inside my brain. I pray when I am in Heaven my brain is perfectly divine/heavenly/think only the thoughts of God/have the mind of Christ Jesus. My mind is pretty rotten at times.

While at the dentist office I read, 'The Imitation of Christ' by Thomas a Kempis. After my dentist appointment I visit a local Goodwill Store to look at their used books. I found these used books this morning to add to our library (my wife and I figure we have together 15,000 books)-

'Cogs In The Wheel-The Formation of Soviet Man' Russian History by Mikhial Heller

'Bread Givers' A Novel by Anzia Yezierska

'The Buddhist Handbook-A Complete Guide to Buddhist Schools, Teachings, Practice, and History' by John Snelling

'The Livelist Art-A Panoramic History of the Movies' by Arthur Knight

'Jefferson the Virginian' Jefferson And His Time Volume One by Dumas Malone

'Jefferson the Rights of Man' Jefferson And His Time Volume Two by Dumas Malone

'Jefferson and the Ordeal of Liberty' Jefferson And His Time Volume Three by Dumas Malone

'Jefferson the President First Term, 1801-1805' Jefferson And His Time Volume Four by Dumas Malone

'Jefferson the President Second Term, 1805-1809' Jefferson And His Time Volume Five by Dumas Malone

'The Sage of Monticello' Jefferson And His Time Volume Six by Dumas Malone

All I read this morning was the book, 'The Imitation of Christ' by Thomas a Kempis. When I got home from running around I ate lunch and wrote in my paper diary. As I was writing in my diary Carol arrived home from visiting our local library and visiting thrift stores.

Last night right now I can't remember. I think last night I watched videos on Youtube of minister's libraries.

I am tired so I will close. There is no way of escape.

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