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the divine self-revelation in the Son is equally beyond words, above our understanding

It is 2:41 PM Wednesday afternoon here in the icy cold death flow. Outside today is partly cloudy and cold. There is some sunshine also today. We are coming to the middle of the month. Existence keeps decaying.

I got up this morning around 6:15 AM. When I got up I found life like it was yesterday morning. Nothing really changes around here, which is a blessing. We are living in Paradise. When I got up I sat in my chain waking up. Across from me sat my wife of 41 years. This year we will celebrate being married 42 years. My wife will be 68 years old this month. When we got married she was 27 years old. Where have the years gone?

I spent the morning writing in my paper diary and reading from these books till sometime past 12 o'clock Noon-

'Christ's Prayer Before His Passion-Expository Sermons on John 17' Volume 1 by Anthony Burgess

'Jan Van Ruusbroec, Mystical Theologian Of The Trinity' by Rik Van Nieuwenkove

This afternoon Emily dropped off Cora for awhile. I have been wandering the house and reading, 'L. A. Confidential' a novel by James Ellroy.

There is not much else to report this afternoon. Last night I basically did nothing till bed time. I did film a short video for my Youtube Channel last night as Carol watched PBS News.

I will close to read and drift.

mourning doves
doves in our backyard tree

mourning dove

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