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the decline of capitalism

It is 1:30 PM Friday afternoon here in West Michigan. Outside it is a slightly warm and cloudy day.

I got up this morning around 6:20 AM. I got up to find my wife sitting in our living room. I got myself a glass of apple cider and sat in my chair in the living room with the goal of waking up. After waking up somewhat I got myself a cup of coffee and then messed with our main computer.

This morning I ate breakfast, wrote in my paper diary and read from a book titled, 'The First One Hundred Years: An Introduction To Its History, Literature, And Development' by Udo Schnelle. Late this morning Carol and I did yard work. After doing some yard work I came inside to eat lunch and write in my diary. So has gone by the day. Carol plans to take a nap soon and I will then sit waiting the day out.

I have next to me to look at this afternoon a book titled, 'Capitalism, Socialism, and Democracy' by Joseph A. Schumpeter.

Last night I watched television and messed with our main computer. Carol went to bed early and I went to bed around 11 o'clock PM. Now it is 1:38 PM Friday afternoon. Existence keeps disappearing.

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