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blessed are they that die in the Lord, their works follow them

It is 4:59 PM Saturday evening in the flow of world history. It has been another warm sunny late Autumn day. I found out this afternoon that Vice President Biden has been elected our next President. I am relieved, because I hated the idea of another four years of Trumpism.

I got up this morning around 6 o'clock AM. Carol had gotten up this morning around 5 o'clock AM. I spent the morning doing the things I do every morning, so I won't write them down. My life does not change much from day to the next.

I have been watching college football since Noon and also been reading today off and on, 'Nothing To Be Frightened Of' A Memoir by Julian Barnes.

I will close for the day. I am feeling totally drained this evening. I did film a video this morning for my Youtube site.

I did read this morning for devotions Anthony Burgess on John Chapter 17 verse 5-;view=fulltext

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