the fragility of capitalist civilization

It is 2:29 PM Tuesday afternoon here in West Michigan. It is a warm sunny day. Blue skies and bright sunlight is a blessing from God the Creator.

I am as usual tired and feel like falling asleep in a heap someplace warm. I got up this morning around 6:03 AM. Carol had gotten up around 4 0’clock AM. When I got up I found Carol in her normal spot in the living room. She was catching up on her Bible reading. I cooked a pot of oatmeal for breakfast. As I ate my oatmeal Carol and I talked, catching up after her being gone for two weeks.

This morning Carol and I went grocery shopping. When we got home it was around 11 o’clock AM. We put away the groceries and I ate lunch. Carol had shopped for a friend while we were shopping for ourselves. Carol left to deliver the groceries to her friend. While she was gone I ate lunch and wrote in my paper diary.

I have spent the afternoon dozing and reading from a book titled, ‘The Price Of Peace: Money, Democracy, And The Life Of John Maynard Keynes’ biography by Zachary D. Carter. Carol got me two books from our local Little Libraries, ‘The Museum of Extraordinary Things’ A Novel by Alice Hoffman and ‘The Fords: An American Epic’ biography/American History by Peter Collier & David Horowitz.

Carol arrived home around 9:30 PM last night. Caleb and Josie had picked her up at the Grand Rapids Airport around 7:30 PM. When Carol walked through the front door I was watching a professional football game and reading, ‘The Price Of Peace: Money, Democracy, And The Life Of John Maynard Keynes’ biography by Zachary D. Carter.

Josie just got dropped off after being at her school today. Well there is nothing else to report. Maybe tomorrow we will know the future of America. Carol and I noticed how empty the grocery store was with certain products due to people stockpiling due to the COVID-19 surge and the possibility of another nation wide lock-down maybe this Winter.

"First, That there is a day of Judgement when God will call every man to account;* We are not to live here as we list, and to do all things without control; No,* God hath appointed a time when every man shall appear before him, and he must give an account of all his time, all his Talents, all his actions, all his thoughts, of all things in this world that have been his; The Scripture is very clear in this formidable Truth, 2 Cor. 5. We must all appear before the Judgment Seat of Christ to give an account for what hath been done in the flesh, Mat. 12.36. yea, of every idle word we must give an account, yea, of every secret thing, Eccl. 12.16. The Parable of the Talents Mat. 25.15. where the man with ten, with five, with two, are called to give an account of their improvement doth evidently shew, that there is no good thing we have, let it be health, wealth, riches, but we as Stewards must be reckoned with concerning the good improvement of them; Oh beloved, what an overwhelming

consideration is this, to think the time is coming when every thought, every word, every hour, every day, every opportunity, every penny, every thing I have had will be called for, who can hear these things and not tremble? Never think all thy sins are forgotten, no, the Scripture attributes a Book to God, God writes down every thing, and those Books will be opened, what manner of persons should we be who believe these things? Rev. 20.11. Is it for you to live riotously, to follow all vain pleasures and delights, or not rather to pray and mourn, and bethink your selves what is to be done at this time." Anthony Burgess
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