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it's a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God

"[ 3] 3. It's a blessed thing to be able to say thus upon just grounds, because of the terror of death to flesh and blood; We cannot be willing and ready to die, all the while the worms of conscience are gnawing the soul, before worms be gnawing the body; When Simeon had seen Christ, and taken him in his arms, then he saith, Lord, let thy Servant depart in thy Peace, Luk. 2. When Paul hath thus discharged his trust, then I have fought a good fight, and there is laid up for me a Crown of glory; It hath been the case of many good men to have uncomfortable sicknesses, and an uncomfortable death, and what makes it sometimes so but want of this assurance this good testimony about themselves, oh their life troubles them, such sins and such barrenness; They know not what to do; Their hearts are within them, They think of death, and their soul is troubled, so that it's a most desirable thing to have this in thy heart when thou art dying; Oh thou thinkest, Would I might have such a Minister, such a Friend by me when I am dying, I tell thee this is the best friend: It was Augustus his wish, that he might have an 〈 in non-Latin alphabet 〉 a quiet easie death, without pangs and torment, but this is the easiest, the comfortablest, the best dying; Oh that we should preferer any thing before that; Oh that thou shouldst not cry out of every sin, This will trouble me when I am dying.

[ 4] 4. It's a blessed thing to go out of the world, having done Gods work, because we are immediately to appear before him; No sooner is thy soul gone out of the body, but it appeareth before God, he either for thy sinne adjud∣geth it to hell, or because thou art a member of Christ appoints thee to eternal glory, oh then when there is but such distance between God and thy soul, how comfortable is it to have been all thy life time glorifying God? Thou hast been glorifying God, and God comes now to glorifie thee; Thou hast been doing his work, and now he is giving thee the good things promised: Oh Be∣loved how should this prevail with you, there is but a step between my soul and God, how will God look on me? who can endure his frowns and displea∣sures? Doth not the Apostle say, It's a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God, Heb. 10.3. And now I am falling into Gods hands, either the hands of a merciful Father, or provoked enemy; Well then, while thou art in these conflicts and agonies, what support is it to have this sure evidence; O Lord, in my life time I lived for thee, and to thee, now I come to live with thee: O Lord, In my life time I knew thee, I did thy work, but I was at a vast distance; now I come to the immediate enjoying of thee.

[Reas. 5] 5. Its a blessed thing to have this evidence, because it's of that good which will be eternall: Canst thou truly say thus? then it's an immortall Crown of Glory that is laid up for thee, no more deaths, no more changes, no more fears or tears, thou art made for ever: But of this heretofore.

Ʋse of Admonition,* Let every one attend and give all diligence to get this evidence. Oh the terrour and horrour that must take hold on thee, if thou hast been dishonouring of God all thy life long, if thou hast been doing the work that sinne and Satan tempted thee to, why art thou so devoid of all un∣derstanding, will thy health and strength always hold? Art thou exempted from the stroke of death? Is not thy time running on? sit down then and consider what thoughts will at thy death possesse thee, What testimony have I, that I have done the work of the Lord? Oh doth not thy life accuse thee! Is it not all over bloody? Canst thou think of what thou hast been with any content? Is thy life at present such that thou canst say, O Lord I am doing thy work? Oh the amazement and astonishment that should take hold on such men!" Anthony Burgess Sermon 19

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