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eternal death

It is 10:39 AM Saturday morning here in West Michigan. It is a cold sunny morning presently, do not know if the sun will shine later on.

I got up this morning around 6:03 AM. I got up made a fresh pot of coffee and then messed with our main computer. After messing with our main computer I wrote in my paper diary and have been reading this morning from a book titled, 'Christ's Prayer Before His Passion: Expository Sermons on John 17' Volume 1 by Anthony Burgess. So the morning goes by. Not much else has happened this morning. Still waiting for my wife to call me from out West.

This afternoon I will watch college football and read. It should be another quiet day around here. Last night I read and went to bed around 11:13 PM.

Well I will close to read The Book of Judges/Old Testament/Bible.

"And 1. That is in the deprivation of God, and an utter departure from him,* and this privative part of eternal death is the great aggravation of it; At the day of judgement, that dreadful doom runneth thus, Depart from me, Mat. 25.* 41. That is worse then the eternal fire they are cast into, you have heard that God was the fountain of all good, every creatures goodnesse is but a stream from that Fountain; At thy right hand (said David, Psa. 16.11.) are rivers of pleasure for evermore; So that this eternal death takes thee from the light of his countenance; Thou art never to be admitted in his presence, and when God departs, all comfort, all hope departs with him: Oh that wicked men would lay this to heart, you that now bid God depart from you, you will have none of his knowledge, none of his commands, God will requite you in your own kinde, he will then command you to depart from him: Were it not that Athiesm and unbelief did reign in your hearts, this truth would make your ears to tingle, and your heart to tremble, while you hear it: Was it not death to Absalom to be kept from his Fathers presence? Why do ye not kill me, saith he to Joab, rather then let it be alwaies thus, yet he was but an earth∣ly Father, he could not give peace and joy to the consciences of men, but this heavenly Father is a Father of spirits, whom he bids Depart from him, all ter∣rour and horrour immediatly seizeth on that man; There is no quietnesse in his bones, Michah had lost but an Idol-God, Judg. 18. and he wringeth his hand, and crieth out bitterly; Oh but what roarings and yellings when we shall have lost the true God and his favour for ever." Anthony Burgess Sermon 12

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