to stand fast as Mount Zion

It is 12:46 PM Friday afternoon here in rain soaked West Michigan. We are under flash flood warnings. We might have to flee to higher ground.

I got up this morning around 6 o'clock AM. I got up and made a fresh pot of coffee and then I messed with our main computer. Colorado is on fire right now. Our daughter's family live in Colorado, they can smell the forest fire there in Denver. People are fleeing the Rocky Mountain National Park. Everything is burning and no one really cares. We are all going to Hell.

I spent the morning writing in my paper diary and reading 17th century English Puritan Spirituality. I have been waiting all morning and now the afternoon hours for a phone call from Carol who is out West. Carol did call me yesterday afternoon to tell me Bethany had given birth to Norah Jeanne and all was OK as far as she knew. Beth was to bring Norah home today.

There is not much else to write. I am spending my days laying low as the COVID-19 plague rages across America.

Norah Jeanne Lynch
Norah Jeanne Lynch new baby granddaughter
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We lived in Boulder CO for 3 years. This is all quite sad.
global warming
yes it is sad but what can one do? I am sure there have been thousands of forest fires over the centuries-but it is sad to see people lose their homes/towns burn to the ground/the earth burned/animals losing their homes etc. . .