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a possibility of a American Civil War

It is 1:21 PM Monday afternoon. It is a cloudy sunny afternoon. I am falling asleep as I write these words.

I got up this morning around 6 o'clock AM. I got up got a cup of coffee and sat in the dining room waking up. After I woke up somewhat I messed with our main computer and then wrote in my paper diary. Next I read a couple chapters in the The Fifth Book of Moses Called Deuteronomy.

This morning Carol and I went grocery shopping. When we got home it was around 9:35 AM. Carol and I left late this morning for a drive and to visit libraries in search of used books. I found these used books today to add to our library-

'The River Congo' The Discovery, Exploration, and Exploitation of the World's Most Dramatic River by Peter Forbath

'My Life, Starring Dara Falcon' A Novel by Ann Beattie

'The Final Act: The Roads to Waterloo' French History by Gregor Dallas

'Knots' A Novel by Nuruddin Farah

Carol bought once again all kinds of used books this morning.

Now it is 1:25 PM and I can't stay awake so I will close to pass out from exhaustion.

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