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Reading The Fourth Book of Moses, Called Numbers 
27th-Sep-2020 11:28 am

Reading The Fourth Book of Moses, Called Numbers

Bible/Numbers/Old Testament

'Exploring the Old Testament-A Guide to the Pentateuch' Volume One [Old Testament] by Gordon Wenham

'Biblical Theology According to the Apostles-How the earliest Christians told the story of Israel' by Chris Bruno, Jared Compton, & Kevin McFadden

'The Story Retold: A Biblical-Theological Introduction To The New Testament' by G. K. Beale & Benjamin L. Gladd

'An Old Testament Theology: An Exegetical, Canonical, And Thematic Approach' by Bruce K. Waltke

'Mailman' A Novel by J. Robert Lennon

'The Life of Samuel Johnson' by James Boswell
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