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the Deuteronomic prophecy that says exile must be completed before the new covenant be renewed

It is 4:21 PM Saturday afternoon in the death flow. It has been a warm hazy day. One can see in the sky a hazy from the West Coast fires.

I got up around 7 o'clock AM this morning no I got up around 6 o'clock AM because when I got up I sat till 7 o'clock AM going in and out consciousness. When I woke up I cooked myself a meal and then read the Bible/Leviticus/Old Testament. I also write a couple of pages in my paper diary this morning. Around 12:15 PM I turned on the TV and watched college football till 4:10 PM. So existence has gone by in the dead American world. Not much else to report. This evening I plan to drift into the darkness. Tomorrow we will be coming to the end of September 2020 and going in October 2020.

Last night I hardly remember right now. Carol went to bed early and I read late into the night, 'Mailman' A Novel by J. Robert Lennon.

I just remembered this morning besides reading Leviticus/Old Testament/Bible I read, 'Biblical Theology According to the Apostles: How the earliest Christians told the story of Israel' by Chris Bruno, Jared Compton and Kevin McFadden.

I also read today before watching college football, 'The Life of Samuel Johnson' by James Boswell first published in 1791.

Well I can't think of anything else to report so I will close to wait it out.

patio furniture

patio furniture

patio furniture

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