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the essence of sin is hatred of God

It is 3:42 PM Monday late afternoon in the cosmic death flow. It has been a hazy cold sunny early Autumn day.

I got up this morning around 7:05 AM. So I got up made a fresh of coffee and then got a bottle of cold water. I sat in the living room with my bottle of cold water to slowly wake up to another day. Carol was already up and when I got up she got ready to go grocery shopping. I told her I was not in the mood to leave the house this morning, so Carol left with out me.

While Carol was gone grocery shopping I wrote in my paper diary and filmed a video for my Youtube channel.

When Carol home I was listening to music and messing with our main computer. I decided around 11 o'clock AM to mow our front lawn, so I did that chore. After I mowed our front lawn I came inside to recover and eat something for lunch.

This afternoon I forced myself to read the Bible/Leviticus/Old Testament and a Andrew Bonar's commentary on Leviticus. I need to feed my soul especially as America falls apart.

This afternoon I also read some more of Joel R. Beeke's book, 'Puritan Reformed Theology' and before coming here to write I had been reading from a book titled, 'Samuel Johnson: A Biography' by Peter Martin.

This evening Carol plans to attend a porch party. I will read my books and go to bed late. Tomorrow is a Tuesday in the death flow. There is no way of escape.

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