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Thrift Store Used Books Haul & Monday Reads

'Swans Sacrifice And Transcendence: The Oral History' by Nick Soulsby

'Swans/Where Does A Body End?' DVD

'Red Pill' A Novel By Hari Kunzru

'Mountaineering Essays' by John Muir

'The Only Problem' A Novel by Muriel Spark

'The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox' a novel by Maggie O'Farrell

'Laying Down The Sword: Why We Can't Ignore The Bible's Violent Verses' by Philip Jenkins

'Invisible Monsters Remix' a novel by Chuck Palahniuk

'The Love of My Youth' a novel by Mary Gordon

'Familiar' a novel by J. Robert Lennon

'World War II Writings' by A. J. Liebling [Library of America]

'The Discreet Hero' a novel by Mario Vargas Llosa Translated By Edith Grossman

'A Pilgrimage To Eternity-From Canterbury To Rome In Search of A Faith' by Timothy Egan

'Madness And Civilization: A History Of Insanity In The Age Of Reason' By Michael Foucault

'The Overstory' A Novel By Richard Powers

'The Diamond Age Or, A Young Lady's Illustrated Primer' Science Fiction by Neal Stephenson

Scott Bradfield Youtube site

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