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Definite Atonement

It is 6:18 PM Sunday evening here in West Michigan. Right now there is evening sunshine. It has been sunny off and on all day. It is not cold this evening. I think it has been predicted to get hot this coming Wednesday. We are now coming to the end of Summer 2020 and entering Autumn 2020. The Lord God reigns!

I got up this morning around 6:15 AM. I got up and got a can of cold water and sat in my living room chair to slowly wake up. I like waking up early in the morning, no noise, no talking. I like to wake up with my eyes close just seeking to quietly come into contact with my normal middle-class American existence. I woke up thankful we were not surrounded by a forest fire and thick clouds of smoke hovering over our neighborhood.

I opened my eyes around 7 o'clock AM and decided to cook eggs for breakfast. Carol also wanted an egg for her morning meal. Eggs are a blessing when you know millions of birds have been destroyed in the West Coast forest fires.

After breakfast I wrote in my paper diary and read my Bible/Leviticus/Old Testament. Carol left to go downtown to walk and get a Grand Rapids Press Sunday newspaper. She was home by 8:30 AM and soon left for Covenant PCA/church Sunday School and a morning worship service. While Carol was gone I filmed a video for my Youtube/Booktube channel.

Carol was home from Covenant PCA around 11:45 AM. We ate lunch and I wrote some more in my paper diary and read 'The Life of Samuel Johnson' by James Boswell. This afternoon we have been watching professional football. Carol left around 5:50 PM for the Covenant PCA evening worship service. So has gone by existence thus far. We will watch this evening PBS Mystery and then go to bed. It is a new week.

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