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Cheap Stacks used books sale

It is 2:39 PM Saturday afternoon and it is raining lightly presently. I got up this morning around 7 o'clock AM. I dozed till we left for a used books sale in Grand Haven at their local public city library. This used books sale was put on by the Grand Haven Library used books store Cheap Stacks. We left here around 9 o'clock AM and were in line at the library around 9:50 AM. When they opened the door for the used books sale we were first in line/they only let eight people in at a time due to the OVID-19 plague. So Carol and I looked at the used books and we were on the way back home by 10:35 AM. I found this used books sale disappointing because most of the used books for sale were fiction and not non-fiction. I mainly collect non-fiction and not fiction. I have way too much fiction in our book collection. They only had a rack of used biographies for sale, no letters, no memoirs, or any essay collections. Also there was no history used books or Art used books either.

Here is a list of the used books I bought this morning at this used books sale-

'Recovery' A Novel by John Berryman

'Moscow 2042' Science Fiction by Vladimir Voinorich Translated from the Russian by Richard Lourie

'Our Story Begins-New and Selected Stories' by Tobias Wolff

'The Hired Man' a novel by Melryn Bragg

'Saki: A Life of Hector Hugh Munro' With Six Stories Never Before Collected by A. J. Langguth

'Peru' A Novel by Gordon Lish

'Thomas Hardy: A Biography Revisited' by Michael Millgate

'The Second American Revolution and Other Essays (1976-1982)' by Gore Vidal

When we got home we made a fresh pot of coffee and ate lunch. I cataloged the used books I bought today into my LibraryThing site.

At 1:30 PM the landscaper we hired stopped by to show us the plans for how he plans to landscape our property. So has gone by existence during this OVID-19 plague. I am still not fully awake.

I need to close to doze. Tomorrow is a Sunday in the death flow.

landscaping photos





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