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the shadow of annihilation

It is 2:46 PM Tuesday afternoon in the death flow. It is a cold gray damp cold wet ugly day. We are all doomed. Look around you all one can see is global warming and Trump screaming/texting his chants of death to the American way of death.

I have had a normal day of decay. I got up this morning, but presently I do not remember what time I got up. I must have gotten up early because I went to bed early last night. When I got up I found my wife reading her Bible. I got a bottle of cold water and say in my chair. It is a blessing to have a comfortable chair to sit in when millions are homeless and have not cold water. I am richly blessed as a white male middle class son of God.

So I got up sat in my cozy middle class chair waking up slowing (heard no gun fire this morning or the smell of burning buildings). I woke up around from a light doze around 7 o'clock AM. I decided for my morning meal to have a bowl of cereal. Carol usually eats in the morning for breakfast yogurt and granola. My wife eats wisely and seeks to fill her body with healthy food products. I eat to satisfy my hunger, but do not consider my state of health. I like to live into my 90's because I like to write down my life into my old age. I do like being old even though at times I confess in unbelief life sucks. I have to confess in prayer it is a SIN to say out loud that life sucks. I am to confess by FAITH that life is a blessing in spite of my chronic depressive state.

This morning I did wake up and did have a morning meal. I did write in my paper diary this morning. Carol took my blood pressure and we did have morning prayers. I love my wife because she is a godly woman. My wife loves prayer. My wife loves drawing near to the Lord Jesus in prayer. How many husbands have wives who love drawing near to the Lord Jesus in Prayer?

I did read today when not wandering my cell 'The Life of Samuel Johnson' by James Bowell. I also read for morning morning the Bible/Leviticus/the Old Testament.

Carol did leave this morning to do errands. When she came home from her errands around 12:01 PM she had Josie Joy with her. Tomorrow is Josie's birthday. Presently Carol is gone because she took Josie home and then went to visit her sister-in-law Gail (two years ago Dave Carol's brother died and left Gail a widow). When my dear wife left with Josie I mopped the floors and then decided to write in my online diaries.

I have been reading this afternoon once again from a book titled, 'Dostoyevsky Reads Hegel In Siberia And Bursts Into Tears' essays by Laszlo F. Foldenyi Translated from the Hungarian by Ottilie Mulzet.

It is Now 3:08 PM Tuesday afternoon Carol just got home from her errands/visiting her sister-in-law Gail. I will close to face the ongoing death flow.

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