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It is 1:39 PM Thursday afternoon here in West Michigan. It is a warm windy sunny day. Today feels like the end of Summer. One can feel Autumn in the air these days. The trees are turning color. Birds are flocking up to fly South.

I got up this morning around 7 o'clock AM. Carol was finishing breakfast when I got up. I got myself a can of soda water and sat in the living room with the goal of waking up. Carol told me she was going to go grocery shopping after her walk. When Carol got back she ate breakfast and then we left to go grocery shopping.

When we got back from grocery shopping I ate breakfast and then wrote in my paper diary. Next I finished reading the Book of Exodus/Old Testament/the Bible. I am trying to read through the Bible in the mornings these days since I do not know what else to read in the mornings for morning devotions.

Around Noontime I put away my books and dozed. I have been reading this afternoon a novel I started reading last month titled, 'The Yipps' by Nicola Barker. Carol left around 1 o'clock PM to have lunch with a friend. Caleb called and asked if it was alright for Josie to hang out here with us, I said sure. So the day goes by.

Yesterday around 6:30 PM we had a neighborhood ice cream social. The Holland Police provided the ice cream, it is a part of their outreach to the community/public relations. The neighborhood ice cream social was over by 7:30 PM.

Carol went to bed early and I stayed up late and read from the novel, 'Baron Wenckheim's Homecoming' by Laszlo Krasznahorkai. Now it is another day. Existence keeps zooming by.

neighborhood ice cream social

neighborhood ice cream social with the Holland Police

neighborhood ice cream social

neighborhood ice cream social

neighborhood ice cream social

neighborhood ice cream social

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