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Jesus has been enthroned as the promised Davidic King, the Son of God who reign in Zion

It is 2:15 PM Tuesday afternoon here in West Michigan. It is cool cloudy day today, feels like the end of Summer.

Carol and I both got up this morning around 6:45 AM. When I got up I made a fresh pot of coffee and then messed with our main computer. Next I wrote in my paper diary and ate breakfast. I read this morning from a book titled, 'Biblical Theology According to the Apostles: How the earliest Christians told the story of Israel' by Chris Bruno, Jared Compton, and Kevin McFadden. Around 10 o'clock AM I decided to break off my studies and mow our front and back yard. That task of mowing took me over an hour. Carol left while I was mowing to do stuff with Josie.

I was finished with lawn work around 11:15 AM. I cleaned up after mowing and then read some more of the book,'Biblical Theology According to the Apostles: How the earliest Christians told the story of Israel'. Carol came home with Josie this afternoon. I have spent the afternoon writing in my paper diary and read 'The Life of Samuel Johnson' by James Boswell. Also have been reading off and on from a book titled, 'Avid Reader: A Life' by Robert Gottlieb. Michael Korda and Robert Gottlieb worked together at the same publishing House Simon & Schuster.

This morning Amazon delivered a book I had pre-ordered titled, 'Red Pill' A Novel By Hari Kunzru.

Last night Carol and I watched documentaries on Amazon Prime. Carol went to bed around 10 o'clock PM. I stayed up and read late into the night from a book titled, 'Another Life: A Memoir of Other People' by Michael Korda.

I plan to drift through the rest of the day. I do not know what I will read next.

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